Shelob is a great spider and one of the descendents of Ungoliant. She lives in a dark cave that reeks of orc corpses, and is always hungry. Shelob was the greatest of Ungoliant's descendants. Gollum planned to kill Frodo Baggins by leading him to Shelob, so he could once again possess the One Ring. Frodo escaped Shelob's lair, but was jabbed by her stinger, paralizing him but keeping him alive. Sam Gamgee then came to rescue Frodo and attacked Shelob, wielding Frodo's sword, Sting and the Phial of Galadriel (which caused disscomfort towards Shelob). Samwise managed to blind one of Shelob's many eyes, injure one of her legs, and pierce her belly, which was the most grievous wound. Shelob crawled back into her cave, no one knows her fate. She will have a webbing function.